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We develop custom Workflow Automation solutions using PlanetPress Suite software and other software applications.


Alikeware helps customers automate repetitive processes using PlanetPress Suite software. We have developed multiple workflow automation processes by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks for automated electronic processes, which speeds up the flow between different tasks, reduces the time for execution, costs and mistakes by reducing or eliminating human interaction.


Alikeware can utilize PlanetPress Workflow Automation Tool as a bridge between different systems in your company, like an online ordering system and a production management system that do not have a common “interface” between them. No matter what language and technology these applications operate on, we can make them “talk” using PlanetPress Workflow Automation Tool simple processes with minimal custom programming and scripting.

The result is the control of the interface between applications, which provides great flexibility and ease of maintenance to your staff. Consequently, if one of your applications is upgraded and processes changed, you can easily modify the new bridge to compensate for those changes and quickly have your systems working again.

This will lower your cost of maintaining such interface and avoid the blaming game between 3rd party providers. You are in control!

Web Solutions Using Planetpress & other Technologies

Lately we have developed full web based solutions utilizing PlanetPress Suite software and MySQL Database. This solution approach gives our customers the unique opportunity to have a web system without relying on web servers, web masters and all the costs and headaches involved in maintaining a full-blown web server.

Your staff can be trained to modify or add new things to your web system by themselves or you can always utilize our affordable services to improve your system.

Mobile App Solutions

We are also specialized in mobile app development using the latest Apple iOS technologies integrated with databases and analytics.

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